by Merihim

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Black Metal from Texas, USA
Covering topics as Satanism/Luciferianism and Necromancy.
The sound is like a mixture of Gorgoroth and Dark Funeral with an atmosphere like Archgoat, by use of Choir effects. The Idea is to be atmospheric, but keep an evil vibe.


released July 6, 2017

Valak: Vocals, Lead Guitars and all Lyrics
Arkhane: Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar, Bass and Drum Programming.
Lambslaughter: Drums on Baneful Necromancy

Artwork by Georgi Georgiev @



all rights reserved


Merihim Kenedy, Texas

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Track Name: Tenebrae Autem Diaboli
Apostles of Lucifer, whisper through the labyrinths of hell
Blaspheme the prayers of Jesus
Prophecized word of God is now infernal judgment
The ninth kingdom bring forth ominous wickedness

Rise, black winged angel... He who is the one true savior
Use your darkest spells to conquer the bastard God
Black blood stigmata, symbol of perdition
Disciples necromance, given the power over the dead

Satan, possess the soul of Christ
Satan, possess the mind of Christ
Satan, possess the body of Christ
Satan, possess the heart of Christ

Despotic master, show your hatred through your power
Ritual blackness, baptize God with your fire
Conquest of the deceiver, celestial annihilation
Infernal legions gather, praise the hymn of the serpent master

Satan, possess the soul of Christ
Satan, possess the mind of Christ
Satan, possess the body of Christ
Satan, possess the heart of Christ

Blackeness surrounds Heaven engulfed in flames
Paradise in ruins, give the sign of evil

The seven angels sound their trumpets
The beast comes forth from the bottomless pit
The end begins, the four horsemen, born into chaos
The seals are broken, the apocalypse is among us all
The saints of God, faithless, loses all hope
Defiled halls of worship, compromised with unholy onslaught
Lesser angels scream with shrieks of madness
For the father is the ultimate abomination
Track Name: Baneful Necromancy
Prayers to Satan
Magic black of Hell
Discorporate the soul
Mystical Resurrection

Legions of spirits rise
Live in cold dead flesh

Spells of darkness
On sacred ground
Cemetery of Melancholy
Necromancy binds

Legions of spirits rise
Live in cold dead flesh
Track Name: The Grand Sacrifice
Lucifer, powerful and absolute master of Hell.
Leave your palace of Pandemonium.
Amongst, the freezing winds of evil and despair
Hear our chants of damnation and come to us, Satan!!!

We cut our flesh and bleed for you.
Bloodshed from a convent of whores.
Surrounding the filthy remains of Christ
With my blasting rod, enter this circle of blasphemy

Apostles of the faith, depraved unholy prayers
Almighty desecration, demonic perversion

Ancient serpent
Constrict the decrepit redeemer
Annihilation of the heavenly son
Forever abolish the might of God
Track Name: Under the Sign of Lucifer
Black candles are burning
To evoke the ultimate infernal evil
Upon the altar, sacrament is given
For the supreme pact
The disciples of Satan, spellbound
We offer our souls
Shadows forever dwell in darkness
Our master returns.

I pledge my allegiance to the unholy emperor of hell
Lead me into the blackest pits of perdition
Eclipse the light of God, and let your evil cloak a forbidden kingdom
Abolish the rotten holy spirit of God and erase all divini

Infernal Seraphim
Praise for the death of the holy Trinity
We desecrate the crucifix with the bone powder of the blessed virgin whore
Diabolical demons rip entrails from the body of Christ
Through Lucifer, we relinquish our souls to burn in eternal hellfire

Incantations whispered, evil magic, black as pitch
The gates of Hell are opened, the world forever damned
Dark angelic possession, essence of ominous power
Fallen angels chant profane blasphemies

Under the sign of Lucifer
Pentagram inverted symbol of Hell
Purge our souls in flames of chaos
Descend us into darkness, Archangel of evil.